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The legacy of today’s plaster craftsmen is rooted deep in ancient history, dating back over 4,000 years. The Egyptian pyramids contain plasterwork that still exists, demonstrating the innovation, craftsmanship and durability of the plastering trade.

Quality and Integrity
The Plasterers Union Local 200 was chartered to bring quality and integrity to the workplace. Union plasterers pride themselves on the ability to provide the highest-qualified craftsmen in the industry. Through a stringent and certified apprenticeship process, each union plasterer enters a jobsite with the knowledge and skills required to do the job right, on time, and within budget.

Trade Expertise
Sometimes referred to as the construction industry’s “finishing force,” the modern union plasterer provides an array of world-class skills and workmanship. A union plasterers’ work can be seen in the interiors and exteriors of some of the world’s greatest structures. These sites include skyscrapers, government facilities, freeways, commercial and industrial buildings, sports complexes, museums, schools, movie sets, amusement and theme parks, along with numerous others. The diversity of union plastered projects only solidifies union plasterers’ reverence to their learning process.

Competitive Advantage
The Union workforce takes pride in being extremely competitive in terms of bottom line cost savings. Given the tax-deductible fringe package, the burden to the contractor of taxable wage-driven costs (Workers’ Comp, Social Security, FICA, liability insurance, etc.) is significantly reduced. This, combined with a well-trained workforce, gives the signatory union plastering contractor a competitive advantage.

Effective Safety Training
Worksite injuries are a major concern for workers, property owners and contractors alike. Union workers respond to those concerns by learning proper work habits and a thorough understanding of OSHA safety regulations on the work site. The Plasterers’ Union Local 200 is unparalleled in its commitment to ongoing safety programs. These efforts serve to substantially reduce accidents, employer liability, and valuable time lost on work projects.

Our Record Speaks for Itself
A study released in Cockshaw’s Construction Labor News & Opinion (April 2003) revealed that non-union contractors were 360% more unsafe than union contractors. Comparing a 42-month period from 1998 to 2001, OSHA statistics showed 758 OSHA violations in the non-union sector versus 162 violations in the union sector. These types of results are a direct result of the diligence of union safety training.

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